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Memory Foam Mattress or Spring Mattress, Which is Better?


Comfort is a major factor and we want our new mattress to be as comfortable as possible. No wonder everyone seeks for a good quality mattress with comfort when they’re out to purchase a new mattress.

In recent weeks, I faced a customer asking me the difference between a foam mattress and spring mattress.

I decided to put it up on my blog to help others out there who may have the exact question in their mind.

So here we go, the difference between memory foam vs spring mattress.

Memory Foam vs Spring Mattress Comparison

Spring Mattresses are being used by many people as they are quite popular, affordable and readily available.

However, the only reason they are being built and sold in the market is that they are easy to construct.

Spring mattresses use a simple technology which hasn’t been changed in years or decades. Your decades older spring mattress will have an almost similar construction as the new one you will buy.

On the flip side, memory foam mattresses are the end product of research and hard work done by NASA Engineers.

Memory foam mattress has been widely accepted by the masses and is considered viable over spring mattresses.

However, we can’t just conclude anyone as better than other. You need to compare and discuss both cons and pros of each before making your decision final.

Spring Mattress

Spring mattresses are constructed using a simple pocket-coil system which is wrapped in fabric.

Since there are no complex methods required, spring mattresses are cheap and easily accessible.

Note that; price increases if you want an extra base of foam on top of your spring mattress.

Pros of Spring Mattress

They are cheap, considering the fact that no complex construction is required.

You need not wait for your mattress to expand and get into original form. You can put it to use right after the delivery guy has delivered it.

It’s rare to get a outgas odor in spring mattress as there is no foam used in making. It is a common problem with memory foam mattress.

Since spring mattress does not rely on heat to adjust to your body, you won’t feel too warm when you sleep. Also, they’re well ventilated for better air flow.

Cons of Spring Mattress

Spring Mattresses can’t be vacuum sealed and deliver in a box like the most memory foam mattress does. They need to be delivered via truck or balanced on top of a vehicle to your house. It may cost few extra bucks for delivery and tips.

Body weight and pressure are not distributed evenly which eventually causes back aches. The pressure applied to springs is simply push back which doesn’t help in revealing aches instead add more.

If you’re in your early ages (kids and teens) or older (40+), spring mattress is a big NO for you.

Spring Mattress have a shorter life span and Warranty span , as compared to memory foam mattress. This is due to coil spring design and manufacturing which causes it to sag from body weight.

It is virtually impossible to buy a spring mattress with more than 10 years Warranty. Though experts suggest using a mattress for only 7-8 years, it’s nice to have extra warranty just in case.

Lastly, spring mattress without pillow top needs to be rotated as well as flipped from time to time to keep them maintained. It is frustrating and simply not worth the amount you have saved from not buying a memory foam mattress.

Here are some of the best spring mattress you can consider buying (links open in a new tab)

Memory Foam Mattress

As mentioned earlier, Memory foam mattress is founded by NASA Engineers after a lot of research and development.

No wonder, they were too expensive initially, but now they have become cheaper.

In its early days, memory foam mattresses were used to get hot which wasn’t appealing to one’s body. However, this problem has been reduced after the introduction of gel-based memory foam mattress.

Memory foam mattress is more popular among masses because of their level of comfort which is far better than Spring Mattress.

Pros of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress can be vacuum sealed, and delivered in a box. It is convenient, and there’s no need of hiring a truck to do the delivery.

Here’s a video of unpackaging of a memory foam mattress to give you an idea.

Memory foam mattress is known for their level of comfort as well as the distribution of weight. It distributes your body weight evenly which helps in preventing body aches.

In addition, it gives an exact support for pressure point to help you relieve body pain and gives you a peaceful good night sleep.

Memory foam mattress adjusts and molds itself to the sleeper’s body to provide a natural support which we all desire.

Memory foam mattress have a longer life span than the spring mattress, and you can buy a memory foam mattress with 25 years warranty. Getting 10-20 years Warranty is common between memory foam mattress buyers.

Memory foam mattress does not sag due to the body weight applied. They are much likely to maintain their design for a longer time.

You do not need to rotate and flip your memory foam mattress every once a while. A big difference for me. Rotate it once in a six months and there you go easy maintenance.

You are helping nature as memory foam mattress with CertiPUR-US certified foam are nature-friendly.

Memory foam mattress are ideal for any age, kids, elderly or adults. It is suitable for everyone and provides excellent support to anyone who sleeps on it.

Cons of Memory Foam Mattress

Cost a bit more than spring Mattress. However since they last longer and provide better comfort it is not a serious issue. You can grab a fantastic memory foam mattress for less than $200 here.

Another con of a memory foam mattress is You need to wait for about 24-48 hrs before you can relax on your mattress. It is because they are vacuum sealed and packed in a box. So, it requires few hours for it to expand and maintain its actual size.

In some cases, there could be odor at first, due to the chemicals used in construction. However, it will go away completely within few days.


For me, I will go for a memory foam mattress over a spring mattress without a second thought. They provide much comfort, supports your body and do not cause body aches, more durable and comes with longer Warranty.

The cost was a major factor for memory foam mattress, but with the introduction of online shopping, it has reduced up to an extent.

You can now buy a high-quality 10-Inch Memory Foam mattress for less than $250.

Share your thoughts and tell us which one would you rather go? Also, sharing this post on your social media pages will be a good way to show your appreciation.

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