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Standard Mattress Sizes and Dimensions (Beginner’s Guide)


Searching for a perfect mattress size can be a headache, and many of us have no idea which size is best for us. You may have heard of some popular mattress types names but do you know what is the exact dimension of it?

Getting a perfect mattress size is an important aspect and it directly relates to your sleeping habit. You should choose the size and type of mattress depending upon how much space you required & how your sleeping position is.

For example, twin size mattress will be sufficient for you if you’re living alone and are short on height. Whereas, you need either a king size mattress or queen size mattress if you have a partner to sleep.

Mattress sizes are slightly less than the size of standard beds. So, if you have a King size bed, then you have no option other the king size mattress.

You can refer to our Mattress Size Chart for more information which will help you in buying a new mattress.

Mattress Sizes with Dimensions

Mattress Size Chart
Mattress Size Chart
Image source – www.sleeptrain.com

 Twin | 39″ x 74″ (Inches)

Twin Size Mattresses are the smallest size of mattresses available to buy. They are preferred when you have a small room or living alone. An adult with average height can comfortably sleep on it. It will feel crowded to sleep if you have a child with you.

For a taller adult, Twin XL size is recommended.

Twin XL | 39″ x 80″ (Inches)

As stated above, Twin XL Size Mattress is suitable for a taller adult sleeping alone. As you have noted, the width of Twin XL is same as that of Twin size i.e. 39″ but height is slightly greater.

Similar to Twin Size, here also you will feel a bit crowded if you have a child with you.

Twin XL sizes are popular in College’s Dorm Rooms.

Full Bed | 54″ x 74″ (Inches)

Next type of mattress which is bigger than Twin XL is Full Bed Size Mattress. The dimension of a Full Bed Size Mattress is approximately 54 by 74 inches.

The Height of Full bed is similar to that of Twin, but it is wider by 16 inches. At the time when houses were built smaller, full bed sizes were used for adults of ages 30-40 years and with a short height. But, now they are not suitable for two adults but a single adult.

Buying a Full Bed Size Mattress has it’s own advantages over Twin & Twin XL sizes. It provides extra space for a better sleep and can sometimes be used by two adults.

Note: Full Bed size mattresses are sometimes called Standard/Double Size mattresses.

Double size mattress can be a good choice for guest rooms or for growing children.

You should look for Queen size mattresses if you are living with a partner and want to have safe space for both of you.

Queen | 60″ x 80″ (Inches)

Queen size is the most attractive and ideal for two adults. It has a dimension of 60 by 80 inches and is suitable for taller adults as well.

Plus point here is extra space and height. It will be comfortable if you or your partner like to spread out.

Queen size mattresses are ideal for a family of three. Moreover, you can use it in your guest room.

King | 76″x 80″ (Inches)

The name speaks itself. King size mattresses are an excellent choice for couples who would like to have the maximum amount of sleeping space. It has the same height of Queen size but is wider by 16 inches.

King size mattresses are best suited if you have a child or pet animals (dog, cat) to share the bed with you.

Note: King size mattresses is sometimes also referred to as eastern size mattresses.

California King | 72″ x 84″ (Inches)

It is a particular type of mattresses which is a longer version of King size. However, it is 4 inches shorter by width. It is preferable if you are taller or want to have extra space down below your legs.

Which type of mattress is best for you?

Well, I have already listed which type is suitable for whom. Just for a recap, I will quickly tell which size is ideal for you.

Mattress Sizes for Individual
Image source – www.sleeptrain.com
Twin – Single Adult with average height.
Twin XL – Single Adult with above average height.
Full Bed – Single Adult with average height who require extra space to spread. Can also be used for two adults.
Queen – Best suited for couples or two adults with above average height.
King – Best Suited for Couples & Family of three. Provides space to spread out.

California King – Ideal for couples & family of three. Provides extra length.

My Recommendation

I would recommend you to go for a Queen size mattress. It will not eat up a lot of space in your bedroom while provides enough room for you and your partner. It is comfortable for a single adult too.

Read this post if you’re thinking to buy a mattress online.

Which mattress size do you think is best for you? Share your suggestions and experiences with us.

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