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When, Why and How to Flip Mattress | An Easy Guide


Flipping a mattress is an old task which was practiced regularly (once a month) in 1900’s. Mattress, which are created for both side use, need flipping to maintain the mattress structure.

Note – If you’re a proud customer of a no-flip mattress, then this guide is not for you. You have saved yourself from all the hassle. Spend your valuable time reading other informative guides and reviews on our blog page.

With the introduction of pillow top mattress or one side use mattresses, this standard practice has come to an end. However, many other types of the mattress like spring mattress still need to be flipped.

Here’s a guide for you to help you understand everything regarding flipping a mattress.

Why to Flip Mattress?

Flipping and rotating a mattress is as important as cleaning it to make sure it is well maintained.

While buying a mattress, the salesperson advice us to flip the mattress once a while but we busy people often overlook this stationary warning. And later, we are complaining about the mattress being saggy and not lasting for years.

If you sleep in the same place and the same position for a continuous time, your body weight is applied to only a particular area. It causes the mattress to lose its structure and become saggy over the period.

Moreover, if you share the bed then due to uneven pressure your mattress will start losing its comforts and size.

If you want your mattress to last for 7-8 years (which is, by the way, the recommended period for using a mattress) you need to work on it.

If you haven’t flipped your mattress, then it’s time for you to start doing it.

When to Flip Mattress?

Ideally, you should flip your mattress for about 2-4 times a year at regular seasons.

For me, I flip it once every four months; Jan, April, July, and October.

Well, July is approaching so I should better add a reminder on my phone :p

However, you should also check out the instruction manual of your mattress to know when you should flip a mattress. Sometimes, different brands based on size and type of mattress ask to flip it quite often like once a month.

If you’re using a pillow top mattress, then you only need to rotate it, while others have to flip as well as turn the mattress.

How to Flip Mattress?

Flipping a mattress is not an easy task, and you shouldn’t do it alone. Mattress, which are greater than Double Size, are cumbersome and large.

You don’t want to risk your body while flipping a mattress. Get someone to help you (definitely).

Here’s a video guide to show you exact steps you need to rotate and flip a mattress. Watch and follow the instructions carefully.

Also, it makes it a lovely time to clean your mattress. Read our guide on cleaning a mattress like a pro to get some tips.

If it is a sunny day, and if your partner in flipping is strong, consider dragging your mattress out and keep under direct sunlight for hours. It helps in killing dust miles and air out the mattress.

** Make sure the area is dry and clean before keeping the mattress. You don’t want to spend extra time cleaning and drying it.

How to Keep Track of Mattress Flipping?

With our busy lives, we often forgot to flip our mattress. Also, we sometimes forgot which side to rotate and flip, and it becomes confusing.

Here’s a hack to keep a track of mattress flipping.

Create two index cards.

Write down the Months (January and April) on the same side but in opposite directions to each other.

Do the same with the other index card.

Now pin them directly to your mattress at head and foot parts.

how to remember when to flip mattress
Img Source

Now when the time arrives, flip the mattress in such a way that month’s name is right side up at the foot of your bed.

Bazinga! You don’t have to remember such a tiny detail next time.

Final Words

Flipping a mattress is essential if you want your mattress to last longer and doesn’t lose its structure way before you expected. Moreover, a well maintained old mattress sells for a good amount.

Apart from cleaning or using a mattress protector, flipping and rotating a mattress is another thing you should add to your To-Do list.

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