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Queen Size Bed Dimensions and Who Should Buy it


Queen Size Beds are the most popular size of the bed in the US as well as other countries. People prefer to buy it because of its ideal size, cost, and dimension.

But have you ever wanted to know what are the exact dimensions of a queen size bed? No? We’re here to help.

In today’s post, you will know the Queen Size Bed Dimensions (exactly how big it is) and Who Should Buy a Queen Size Bed.

On the scale of popularity, Queen size beds have received 32% votes and thus it is the most popular bed size followed by Twin Size Bed with 30% votes.

Let’s get started.

Queen Size Bed Dimensions

Queen Size Beds have an ideal dimension being 80 Inches Longer and 60 Inches Wider.

Mattress Sizes Chart

The length of a queen size bed is suitable for those with average height. The Width could be a concern if there are more than two people (those who have kids, pets to share the bed) otherwise width is not an issue. Both partners can sleep comfortably.

Queen Size Bed Usage

Queen size beds are often used in guest rooms, adult children rooms, and smaller master bedrooms.

You can also use it in the master bedroom if you and your partner don’t require too much space to sleep.

Queen Size Beds are most suitable for couples with no kids or pets to share a bed. Below picture should help you more in understanding which bed size is suitable for you.

Mattress Sizes for Individual

Else, you should go for a King size bed which is an ideal choice for master bedrooms.

Queen Size Bed Cost

It is a shared understanding that more the size increases, higher you will have to pay.

Being the third largest size of bed (or mattress), Queen Size Beds are expensive than the Full and Twin size beds.

On an average, Queen size beds will cost you anywhere from $300 to $1000. It all depends on various factors such as location, brand, and comfort.

Here’s a mattress buying guide to help you make a perfect decision while buying a queen size mattress.

Final Words

Queen size beds are the ideal solution for your bedding problems. They have a whole dimension, do not cost a fortune, and are widely available.

Considering Queen size bed dimensions, they are perfect for newly wedded couples on a tight budget, people with average height and growing teens who need extra space for better development.

Apart from it, Queen Size beds are also a perfect choice for guest rooms and smaller master bedrooms.

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