About Me

Looking for a good mattress, bed, furniture or sleeping advice?

Excellent, that’s what I help people around here and motive of my blogging.

Motivating QuotesSince you are here, I assume that you’re interested in reading my story behind launching this blog and if I even know

anything about this niche.

I have already written a mini bio in my website’s sidebar, and this page is here to give you more insight into my journey.

About Me

Howdy, my name is Quint Starr, a 27-year-old guy who works as a salesperson in a furniture store here in USA (well I can’t tell you the exact address and store name for obvious reasons).

It has been four years since I am working in this place and the meantime, I have sold thousands of pieces of mattresses, beds, pillows and free advice.

So what motivated to open up this blog?

My friends and few loyal customers. At first, I just ignored them, and I always thought having a website on the Internet is a tough job and requires a lot of work and money.

I know, I was a dumb guy but believe me that was the reason I never started any blog of my own till now.

Long story short, one beautiful evening one friend of mine told me about how he’s running a successful blog and is quite happy to see people appreciate his skills. I asked him more questions about how he manages the site and doesn’t it require a lot of money and time to work online?

His answer was, “What? You’re so dumb Quint, running a website online cost nothing, and it’s as easy as walking in a park. ”

He kept going and told me about the domain name, hosting, WordPress, and some strange words which I don’t even know till now.

That night I decided to give a website a try and started Googling about it. I read few sites regarding how to set up a website and was awestruck to see How you can start a blog for less than $50. “Well, I can afford to spend that much,” I said to myself.

Succeeding Day, I invited my blogger friend to my home. I asked him to set up a blog for me. I handed him my credit card, and he started doing alien works again (that’s what I call something when I have no idea about it).I was sitting beside him and watching him as if I understood everything he is doing.

He is the one who chose this domain name (thank you, Brother) and it sounded awesome to me. After 30 mins or so he was all done and handed me the laptop with my website open. It was like a dream come true. I can proudly tell my customers that I own a site, and they can read me and contact me online now.

I published my first blog post later at night, and my friend helped me and taught how to properly use headings, title, and images for a better search result.

I have deleted that post because it was too childish and I don’t want my site to look like it is managed by a dumb-ass who know nothing about blogging.

I am currently learning new pieces of stuff and taking lessons from my friend about how to grow and get more traffic.

I hope this decision of my will get me a good result, and I will be able to help my visitors through this blog.

If you’re reading it, thank you so much, man, for everything and it means a lot for me.

Thank you everyone, who have motivated me and inspired me to start a blog.

And at last, thank you for being here. Feel free to drop your suggestions and views on this blog and my posts. Contact Me

Best regards,

Quint Starr (www.flatnight.com)

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